Flex: data tip grouping

I had a case where the chart was full loaded of data and its real-estate on the screen was pretty small, when data tips were seen they were actually obscuring important parts of the chart – making it un-friendly to the user.

I needed to find a solution to show the data without disturbing the chart’s visual too much.

Of course I could take the dataTips info out of the chart and display it as simple text, say in the title of the panel. But I didn’t like this solution because when the user hovers something with the mouse her eyes are on the mouse pointer! She could easily miss the information she was looking for.

So I came up with the data tip grouping.
At all times only one box of data tip will be seen, even when hovering a point where we have more then one data point under the mouse. In that case the data is grouped.

In the sample hover over “Feb” and “Apr” where all the points meet.

Demo is here (right click for source)
Source is here

p.s. : if someone have a better solution i would like to see it.


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