now also working with M$ Silverlight

i have started developing an application using Silverlight.
i will not go into the pros and cons, nor am i going to make any comparison between the two.
it is not relevant for me.
Silverlight is part of my requirements!

don’t call me a traitor, its hard for as it is.

any way… from now on i will blog on both Flex & Silverlight.

the essence for my posts will stay the same: sharing my knowledge and my findings.

here are couple thing for a start:
NavFx – navigation framework for Silverlight.
Visifire – charting library for Silverlight.


4 Responses to now also working with M$ Silverlight

  1. Benz says:

    Traitor! 😉 No seriously looking forward to learn some Silverlight stuff from someone coming from the Flex camp.

  2. shemesh says:

    i must say that this is indeed a challenge.
    the work flow is quiet different and takes time to be accustomed to.
    although the both are very similar the differences are bigger, taking in account that SL is still in the womb whilst Flex is graduating university.
    at this point of time i think there is no room for head-to-head comparison.

    maybe it’s because SL is beta, maybe that the way it is – but SL is not that friendly and easy to work with.

    i treat it as a challenge

  3. Flashmattic says:

    One thing M$ is good at, is keeping their application at Beta long after the Final release.

  4. Scott Jones says:

    I just downloaded Visifire and it is great. Beautiful charts without much effort. Nice!

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