Flex: interactive legend – explode piechart wedge

Continuing the “interactive legend” post.
Here I use the same interactive-legend but this time I use it for emphasizing the corresponding PieChart wedge by exploding it and dimming all the other wedges.

Demo is here (right click for source)
Source is here


Flex: interactive legend – highlight series

Some while ago Kyle posted on his blog an article about interactive legend.

As this was a requirement for an application I was developing I will tell you what I’ve done. And thanks to Kyle for the help.

I wanted that upon mouse over a legend item the corresponding series in the chart will be marked in some way.
Everything is loosely coupled and I could have more then one chart (but only one legend).
I also wanted it to go the other way: on mouse over a series in the chart its corresponding legend item should be marked.
Because of a lack in space the legend item text should be truncated with a tooltip, this is not the default behavior of a legend – if the text has not enough space the label is cut. Read more of this post

Flex: Dashed legend marker (bonus: dashed line)

A known fact it is that Flex doesn’t have dashed line ability built in.
So what would you do if you need to make a dashed line chart? Easy – go to the source.
Ely Greenfield is the Adobe Flex engineer behind the charts (from the days of Flex 1.5), He is the master, and he wrote this dashed line renderer which you can get from this article on his blog (published on 2006?! Has it really been so long?). his code is a piece of art, much respect. Read more of this post