Silverlight: double click a ListBox item

On my previous post i showed how you can attach a double-click event to any Silverlight object.
using this method i’ll show you how to attach a double click event to a ListBox item.

the problem here is that we don’t have any object that we can count on.
i edited the ListBoxItem template, the only change i’ve done is to add a transparent rectangle above all.
look for it inside the template – its name is “DummyRectForDoubleClick”.
then on the Loaded event of this rectangle i attach to it the double click event.

Demo is here
Source is here


Silverlight: ListBox ItemsChanged event

Bits me why this is not implemented.
i was missing an event on the ListBox – ItemsChanged.
as you can see the implementation is so easy:

using System.Collections.Specialized;
public class ListBoxGeneric : ListBox
    #region Constructor
    public ListBoxGeneric() : base() { }
    #endregion  Constructor

    #region Override
    protected override void OnItemsChanged(
        NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
    #endregion Override

    #region Class Events

    public delegate void ItemsChangedEventHandler(object sender,
        NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e);
    public event ItemsChangedEventHandler ItemsChanged;

    private void OnItemsChangedEvent(
        NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
        if (ItemsChanged != null)
            ItemsChanged(this, e);

    #endregion Class Events