now also working with M$ Silverlight

i have started developing an application using Silverlight.
i will not go into the pros and cons, nor am i going to make any comparison between the two.
it is not relevant for me.
Silverlight is part of my requirements!

don’t call me a traitor, its hard for as it is.

any way… from now on i will blog on both Flex & Silverlight.

the essence for my posts will stay the same: sharing my knowledge and my findings.

here are couple thing for a start:
NavFx – navigation framework for Silverlight.
Visifire – charting library for Silverlight.



Ofir is my name. Shemesh my last name, it means sun in Hebrew.
I live in Israel.
Work for “BMC Software” as a UI devigner (= developer + designer).
My developing environment is Flex (Adobe).
Every once in a while I will blog here my Flex finding so others can learn from it.
Feel free to comment for any reason.